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We're glad you're interested in the ministry of GBC. We hope that you'll join us for a worship service and consider becoming part of the Glencoe family. 

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At Glencoe, there are many opportunities to exalt God, study the Bible, and fellowship with other believers. We hope you'll consider getting involved in the ministry at GBC.

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Co-vid 19 Guidelines


COVID Guidelines:1. Masks are encouraged but not mandated. If you desire a mask the church will provide you with one.
2. Social distancing is encouraged.
3. Hand shaking and hugging are discouraged. However, we look forward to the day when such expressions of affection can be expressed again.
4. Hand sanitizer is placed throughout campus buildings and we encourage its use.
5. If you are sick or have a compromised immunity we encourage you to stay home.

We as a church have taken the following extra steps for the safety of those who attend our services during this COVID crisis.
1. Campus buildings are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each week.
2. We have installed Halo disinfecting units on all our air conditioning systems that purify and  clean the air in buildings. Each unit mists a disinfectant into the air that kills bacteria, germs, and other pollutants (COVID rated).
3. We ourselves routinely dry fog disinfect buildings.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this strange and trying time.

God bless,
Pastor Danny

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Have a question? We're happy to help you! Simply contact the staff or leadership of Glencoe. They're prepared to answer your questions.