Glencoe Baptist Church
Statement of Faith
The Scriptures – We believe the Bible, consisting of sixty-six books made up of Old and New Testaments, is the infallible word of God. It is God’s revelation to man. We believe it is verbally inspired by God in every word, absolutely inerrant in the original manuscripts. We hold that it is powerful, living, authoritative, and God-breathed. 

The Person of God – We believe there is one and only one, living and true God. He is intelligent, Spirit, and a personal being; Creator, Redeemer, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe.  God is infinite in holiness and all other perfection; to Him we owe the highest love, reverence and obedience.

The Person of Jesus Christ – We believe in the virgin birth of Christ, His deity and sinless life, His vicarious death, His bodily resurrection and ascension, and His personal, pretribulational and premillennial return. 

The Person of The Holy Spirit – We believe the Holy Spirit is the person of the Godhead who executes the plan of God for our conviction and salvation. The Holy Spirit dwells in believers at salvation and empowers them for service. 

The Trinity – We believe in one living, sovereign, and all glorious God, eternally existing in three infinitely excellent and admirable Persons: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

The Fall of Man – We believe that man was created in the image of God and by choice fell into sin and death. Hence, every person is sinful and under condemnation to eternal judgment. 

The Salvation of Sinners – We believe that the salvation of sinners is wholly of grace (a gift, undeserved) and that Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. 

The Freeness of Salvation – We believe the blessings of salvation are made free by the blood of Jesus. Nothing can prevent the salvation of even the greatest sinner but his own inherent depravity and voluntary rejection of the Gospel of Grace.

The Security of the Believer – We believe that those who receive Jesus Christ as Savior are eternally secure. Our security rests on His death, resurrection and continual intercession for us.  As a result we have eternal assurance. 

The Doctrine of Church – We believe that the visible church is a body of baptized believers exercising self-government under the Headship of Christ, operating under New Testament principles, biblical doctrine while observing the ordinances of water baptism and communion.
At Glencoe Baptist Church, we strive to be an E4 Church by exalting God authentically, equipping believers to serve faithfully, encouraging believers in their daily walk, and evangelizing unbelievers through relational ministry.